Danica at her honourary job with WestJet

February 28 is Rare Disease Day across the world.  Danica Franceschini proudly posts her connection with this day.

Eleven-year-old Danica is more than one in a million. Danica was born with WAGR syndrome. She is one of only 400 people on the entire planet with the rare disease. Danica is one strong kid too. Danica is legally blind and has been cancer free for 10 years.  She visits about a dozen different specialists at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto every month.

Danica is as active as any other kid her age.  She has honourary jobs with employers such as WestJet, the cafeteria at Sick Kids Hospital, as well as local businesses in her hometown of Geraldton. Danica loves to do everything that kids her age do. She loves to skate, do zumba, and take selfies with her Aunt Heather.

Danica’s perseverance and motivation inspires her school community, friends, and family.

You can learn more about WAGR at wagr.org