by Michelle McChristie
photos by Darren McChristie

Having contended with freezing rain and snow, Rah Rah was relieved to have made it to Thunder Bay intact, so arriving late was probably a lesser concern. Frontman Marshall Burns said they were “lucky to be alive” having just driven from Winnipeg to play the “early” show at Crocks.

The band seemed a little tense during their first few songs, but relaxed once the crowd migrated to the dancefloor to show their appreciation. Every member of this band is as talented as the next and, with four members taking a turn on lead vocals and instruments passed around like hot potatoes, Rah Rah’s show was energetic and exciting. In their short set, each song had a unique sound, but was distinctly Rah Rah. They featured songs from their latest album, The Poet’s Dead, with a few former releases.

It seemed people in Thunder Bay opted to stay home last night, and the miserable weather probably played a role in that, but, Rah Rah, was well worth the soggy trek to Crocks. Given they are currently ranked #3 on the !earshot National Top 50 chart, we are grateful they squeezed us into their tour.

Look for a review of The Poet’s Dead in the December issue of The Walleye and listen for yourself at