By Pat Forrest


Shy-Anne Hovorka has seen a lot of dreams come true in her young life. Sales of her first three albums have surpassed 10,000 worldwide, her first two albums, Black Thunderbird and Pseudo have been nominated for 19 awards, she has garnered multiple wins, and she has achieved a lucrative licensing deal for the song “Can’t Change The World” in the Blackstone TV series. She was also a Top 16 finalist in the 2013 CBC Searchlight competition. Her third album, Interwoven Roots, featured a new element of her diverse songwriting skills, establishing her as a country music artist and winning six 2012 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards.

But her biggest dream is that her music will help others—especially youth in foster care as she once was—understand life and realize they are not alone. The release of Hovorka’s newest album, Bones, is another opportunity for her to showcase her many talents while supporting young people and involving others in the creative process. Hovorka’s student, 14 year old Jory Zechner (“a great young talent,” said Hovorka) will be releasing her EP as an opening act to the event. Red Rock First Nation’s Terry Bouchard, who is battling cancer, was able to realize his dream of being a recording artist, singing with Hovorka and John Foster, a former Beach Boy, on the song “You Said.”

Hovorka’s albums always feature a song that showcases the talents of young people, and Bones is no exception. “Savage” was co-written by Hovorka and Nashville writer Craig Headen and features lyric contributions by a myriad of fans from across the country. Young singers from Thunder Bay, Nipigon, Red Rock First Nation, and Dorion will be performing “Savage” at the album release.

Shy-Anne Hovorka is celebrating the release of Bones at the Paramount Theatre on May 24. Check out her videos and music at