Active Transportation Thunder Bay will be offering an Adult Commuter Cycling Course on Saturday June 23 through its Safe Cycling Thunder Bay program. The one-day course is designed for urban cyclists who want to tighten up their cycling skills and learn about the best way to ride in traffic. “A big part of building a cycling-friendly city is not just establishing new bike lanes, but also improving our local cyclists’ skills and knowledge,” said Adam Krupper, Active transportation Coordinator. “A lot of local cyclists like to ride, but they aren’t sure the safest way to ride – this one-day course clears up all of that confusion.” Safe Cycling Thunder Bay cycling courses are taught by professionally-trained and certified cycling instructors. This course will consist of three sessions: a classroom session, a parking lot skills session, and an on-road session. “Historically, cyclists in Thunder Bay have never had the opportunity to take cycling courses geared towards adult cyclists and their needs,” explains Krupper. “But now we have some of the most highly-trained cycling instructors in Canada along with some of the best courses in the country.”

The Adult Commuter Cycling Course will take place on Saturday June 23 at Volunteer Pool from 9 am to 4 pm. The cost is $35, and participants must register by calling 625-8463 with the course code #267437.