Pat Kammer

Life is full of many challenges that stem from a variety of problems. Pat Kammer, the 77-year-old author of Love’s Voice Changes You, teaches her students to embrace what is already available in their lives to change the issues they face. Kammer is certified in hypnotherapy, emotional freedom techniques, reflexology, iridology and muscle testing and also teaches neuro-linguistic programming to help her students recover and further develop themselves. She wants her students to manifest changes in health, finances, and relationships by learning to love themselves, others, and to feel more at ease with change. Kammer teaches her students to understand their true selves in order to make a difference in life: she challenges the spirit in order help those who feel they are stuck in uncertain times.

Pat Kammer is coming to to Thunder Bay to share her inspiring story that changed her life and the techniques she used to overcome anxieties, and other obstacles.

On May 4-5, she will be offering courses from 9 am-4 pm with a free Friday introduction at 6:30 pm at the North End Recreation Centre.

For more information contact Joan (623-2991).