By Lindsay Campbell

Taylor Price, an aspiring writer from Thunder Bay, has spent the past year working on a book-length narrative poem Man, Uprooted. The poem is about Llewelyn Greylyn- Brown—the last surviving human on earth, and his story is narrated by an incorporeal Bardic bureaucrat. With themes of the natural, supernatural and the apocalypse, Price’s ultimate goal is for readers to have fun reading his piece.

“I will not be focusing on cryptic poetic allusions… which makes reading difficult and dull to many people. Instead I will be focusing more on adding rhythms to the way it is written to give the book a ‘pulse’.”

Price says his book is influenced by a variety of writers and stories, but most notably takes inspiration from Kurt Vonnegut’s Galapagos and Canadian poets Michael Turner and Michael Ondaatje.

With plans for a fall 2014 release, Price has begun a crowd-funding campaign on Indigogo to cover his production and editing costs.

You can learn more about Man, Uprooted and support this project at