Wiggins Productions will be hosting the 15th edition of The Cover Show, one of the downtown core’s most anticipated events among both local musicians and fans on February 4-7 at Black Pirates Pub (215 Red River Rd). Nearly 80 local musicians in 20 bands will come together to pay tribute to some of the biggest names in the music industry. The lineup will include bands covering headlining acts like Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Death From Above 1979, Van Halen, Metallica, Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Linkin Park, Alexisonfire, Danko Jones, Sum 41, Breaking Benjamin, Gwar, David Bowie, Iggy Azalea, The Strokes, Relient K, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, 3 Days Grace and Mac Demarco.

For many local musicians The Cover Show is not just a show. It’s a way to further express their creativity and share the stage with like-minded players who share the same musical interests. “The TBay music scene has a lot of very talented and dedicated musicians who are all very encouraging and supportive to one another, but they don’t always get the chance to share the stage,” explains show veteran, Mike Armenti, “The Cover Show provides the opportunity for us to come together and have some fun jamming with musicians we may have long had the desire to jam with but never had the chance.” Given the opportunity, many bands will go above and beyond what is expected from your run-of-the-mill cover band. “Some bands show up in street clothes to do their thing as themselves,” explains Armenti, “and some get into character and perform as the artists. Either way it’s entertaining and fun for everyone.”

If you’re looking to form a band and don’t really know where to start, this show just might be your answer. Many local bands have started out as one-off acts and developed into bands that started playing original music together. “The Cover Show is a great necessity to the music scene for new comers and the lifers,” explains local musician, Eric Morettin, “whether you’re looking for a way to enter the scene and you’re not in a band, or you’re looking for something different than original music, it’s a great community of new and championed musicians. I definitely try to be a part of it every year.”

With the recent boom of fresh, new local bands coming out of the woodwork it just made sense to Jimmy Wiggins (promoter and event organizer) of Wiggins Productions to include them in the show. It not only gives the bands a new audience but it also gives the fans a taste of something new. “One of my favourite recent additions to The Cover Show would be the all-ages night, where younger musicians can get some exposure for their talents,” explains local musician, Chris Kowlessar, “it’s important that these young musicians get opportunities such as this to showcase their talents, as they truly are the future of Thunder Bay’s diverse music community.”

For more information, including show times, ticket prices, and schedule of bands, visit TBshows.com.

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