Sustainable Sustenance

Story and Photos by Michelle Kolobutin

I started to become more aware of the food I was eating a couple years ago, wanting more and more to choose local, fresh produce and meats when I could. I became more vigilant when my husband and I became parents. Much of the food we ate as youngsters didn’t contain the 19-letter unpronounceable ingredients that is in much of our food today – I ate wholesome food, most of which didn’t come out of foil packaging, and I wanted my son to enjoy the same: whole foods that taste great and gives him the energy he needs to grow.

This is easier said than done when it comes to baby products, but with the launch, and now expansion of Little Harriett’s, a line of locally produced natural baby food, it has become easier to make each of baby’s meals count, even the snacks.
Launched in June of 2013, Emily MacKay, owner of Little Harriett’s (which she named after her daughter), started the business out of a personal interest for natural baby foods. A mindful mom, MacKay lives her life as naturally, healthy and fully as possible and incorporated this mantra into her kitchen.

MacKay started out her line with cookies, (that include chia, organic quinoa, flaxseed and local eggs and flour among their ingredients), then added a selection of cereals and Aztec Warrior oatmeals, as well as a seasonal selection of local apple and pear sauces and juice, which use only local, freshly picked organic fruit. She rounded off her line with a product great for sleepy parents—fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee beans, and has plans to offer crackers, cold cereals and soup mixes in the next few months.

Not only are Little Harriett products local and healthy, they are eco-friendly too, packaged in mason jars, that can be returned for discounts towards future products.

My niece, Grace and son Knox, who are now 17-months old, have both enjoyed Little Harriett’s products since they started eating solids and enjoy her growing product line (they are also great snacking for hungry parents on-the-go!).

This fall MacKay will offer a variety of workshops for caregivers interested in increasing their knowledge of preparing natural baby and toddler foods. Stop by Little Harriett’s Natural Foods on the ground floor of the Country Market each Saturday, where you can sample her oatmeals and cookies. Her products are also available online at