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General, convenience, variety, corner. They come in all shapes and sizes, and yet the one thing that neighbourhood stores have in common is they’re a gathering place for the people who live nearby. More than just a place to grab a carton of milk or a freezie on a hot summer’s day, they offer the familiarity of seeing a friendly face and sharing a small part of our day-to-day lives. For June, now that it’s so nice out (fingers crossed!), The Walleye visited twelve places to see what makes them so special and we encourage you to do the same. Did we miss your favourite local spot? Reach out and let us know!

– Rebekah Skochinski


Interactive digital edition

JUNE 2022: A Community Hub

Whether it was to read some comic books, grab a blue raspberry Slush Puppie, or play a game of Street Fighter II, a trip down to the general store is one of my cherished childhood memories. Unlike a box store or the mall, our general store offered us a treasure trove of loot and served as a meeting place. Now that I’m older, my shopping list has changed a bit—aside from the staple blue raspberry Slush Puppie—but our nearby stores still serve as a community hub. For our June issue we’re all about general, convenience, and variety stores in the Thunder Bay area. We profile 12 stores, finding out what they offer and what makes them unique to their specific community. Plus, Matt Prokopchuk writes about the importance of corner stores, and Bonnie Schiedel digs through Thunder Bay Museum’s archives looking at our city’s general stores through the years.


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