I admit, I was drawn in by the title and the cover. The author of Going Gray, Anne Kreamer, is a successful woman, but at 49 felt that her vain attempt at preserving youth was pointless. It was hard to relate to Kreamer with her upper middle class, east coast U.S. upbringing. Should she stop dying her hair? What would people think? It all seemed a little self-interested. But then, Kreamer calculated how much time and money she had spent on colouring her hair: 1,000 hours and $65,000. She delved in further to find out that gray hair is no less appealing on internet dating sites, clothing says more than hair, and French women go gray gracefully. What may have started as a self-indulgent read was actually full of interesting research and thought-provoking anecdotes. I am already sporting my “crown of wisdom” and won’t be facing decisions of to dye or not to dye, but if you are thinking about it, this is a great resource.

-Laura J. Craig