Review by Sarah McChristie (age 10), Photos by Patrick Chondon

On February 9, The Next Step’sWild Rhythm Tour stopped in Thunder Bay for a performance at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium. Cast members from the popular TV show wowed the audience with original dance routines to hit songs by musicians, like Adele and Justin Bieber.

The show was hosted by the funny and talented DeShaun Clarke (a.k.a. Jude from the new music series Lost & Found Music Studios) who hyped up the crowd. DeShaun joked that he couldn’t sing or dance, but it was pretty obvious that he could do both and is also a outstanding rapper.

Musical performances by Shane Harte and Sarah Carmosino, who also star in Lost & Found Music Studios, added variety to the show. Sarah performance with her acoustic guitar was beautiful and Shane’s waves had the girls in the audience melting in their seats.

The dance styles included jazz, hip hop, acro, tap, and ballet. As a gymnast, I thought the tumbling in the dances was really good especially the round off, back tucks—they were incredibly fast and high with perfect form every time. Isaiah Peck, who is new to The Next Step and plays Henry, knocked the audience’s socks off with his breakdancing and hip hop performance.

After intermission, DeShaun walked out to the audience and took questions from excited fans. I learned that the dancers train 30-40 hours per week (except Isaiah who joked he doesn’t need to practice or workout) and they started dancing between the ages of two and nine (except Isaiah who joked he woke up one day and could dance). They also shared words of encouragement with the audience: believe in yourself, never give up, and follow your dreams.

The audience, which was mostly girls ages 7-12 and their mothers, was beyond enthusiastic (and loud!). They screamed throughout the show and especially during Trevor Tordjman’s (who plays James on the show) dance to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.” My mom said she’s been to a lot of concerts and has never heard the audience scream so loud.

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Season 4 of The Next Step premiere’s on The Family Channel on February 15.