Since the first time I heard the epic rock stylings of Black Mountain I’ve been a fan, and their latest album Destroyer is a testament as to why. As far as inspiration goes, the record far surpasses what most would expect to hear from songs spurred on by frontman Stephen McBean finally getting his driver’s licence. The album’s name, Destroyer, is also motor-vehicularly influenced, as it is the name of one of the last muscle cars made by Dodge in the 80s. If you are in the same boat and just got a fresh licence to drive and are the owner of a Dodge Destroyer, I can honestly think of no better music for you to be listening to! Every track is fantastic but for me “Boogie Lover,” “High Rise,” and “Licensed to Drive” take the cake. In the end, the album is so good that most Black Mountain fans won’t even notice that half of the band is new.

-Jamie Varga

4.5 out of 5