Everything you Need to Know for the 11th Anniversary Halloween Cabaret

The Hunger 11Date: Saturday, October 29
Time: 8 pm-2 am
Cost: $15 gets you a wristband and access to all 7 venues to experience 52 music + performance acts

Enter the multi-verse of the 11th anniversary of the largest and wildest music and performance spectacle you’ll ever experience. It comes but once a year—one night, one massive downtown wide Halloween event.

The Hunger 11 will feature 52 performance acts, including 42 bands + DJs of diverse musical genres. That’s 235 musicians and specialty performers. So massive an event, The Hunger 11 will take up seven bar venues downtown: Crocks, Black Pirates Pub, The Foundry, The Sovereign Room, Gargoyles, and Red Lion Smokehouse.

There will be thousands in prizes for the best costumes at each venue—The Hunger attracts some of the most creative costumes and displays around, and there are many! Last year 4,000 attended, so come early—you don’t want to miss a thing!

Pick your story, diabolic or devilicious. Move between bars and interact with every soul along the way, you could even win prizes in the street! Feed your hunger and treat yourself to the largest, wildest, slickest Halloween experience.

Pay at the door and receive an all-access wristband and a program with times and locations for acts. Choose what you want to see and hear.

The Hunger 11 is a fundraiser for the contemporary arts, presented by Definitely Superior Art Gallery and proudly sponsored by The Walleye—always one of our Top Five events for October because it is always epic!

UPDATE: There is one Big change in our Venues this year; Hell (250 Park Ave, DefSup) is unavailable as a Venue, due to unforeseen building issues beyond our control (relating to our Landlord’s schedule of building upgrades, not being completed in time for our event). However, we are still pleased to offer the full HELL experience morphed into the other six venues! No changes in performers, just more fun packed times for you! It’s going to be a hard and fast, exciting night. So come early, dance weirdly and howl into the night at @ The Foundry, Crocks, The Sovereign Room, Black Pirates Pub, Red Lion Smokehouse and Gargoyles! 

Check for event updates on The Hunger Facebook Event page and DefSup website

No advance tickets/wristbands — all doors open at 8 pm.


    8:00-9:45 – RED-HEAD SPECIALIST [DJ-reggae/hip hop/funk/soul]
    9:45-11:45 – BOSSMAN-[DJ-reggae/on old school vinyl]
    11:45-12:00 – COSTUME CONTEST
    12:00-2:00 – DJ WHURLWIND -[DJ-hip hop/turntablism/mashups]
    **Big Prizes for Best Costume at all venues►CROCKS
    8:40-9:20 – ENGINE HOUSE-[groovy indie blues/rock]
    9:20-10:00 – LOOSE CANNON-[blues/rock n roll]
    10:00-10:45 – THE MAXWELLS-[*Montreal-Canadian Tour-modern rock]
    10:45-10:50 – LISA ROSE of The Gypsy Rhinestones-Tribal Fusion Bellydance [The Fortune Teller Dances]
    10:50-11:25 – ALIENATOR-[sludge metal duo]
    11:25-11:55 – BEATFARM [rap/hip hop]
    11:55-12:00 – VERONIKA SWARTZ-[burlesque/satire-Toronto-MTV/Showtime]
    12:00-12:05 – MEW CREW-[glow hooping/dancing-feat-Mew/Pheenix/Evolvd]
    12:05-12:20 – COSTUME CONTEST
    12:20-1:30 – ROGUE-[DJ-EDM/trap/pop/hip hop]
    1:30-2:30 – ICOSA-[DJ-everything w/vibes & base] w/ Electro Girls [glow whip spinning-feat-Angela June & Melissa Marie]
    **THUNDER BAY ROLLER DERBY CANDY SQUAD-giving out rough & tumble treats-everywhere!

    8:45-9:25 – THE CAMDEN BLUES BAND-[avant garde post bop blues/punk rock]
    9:25-10:05 – THE DWEEZILS-[jazz/metal/rock]
    10:05-10:10 – MISS BE.MUSE-[falling from grace-burlesque performance]
    10:10-10:50 – VHS-[horror/death grind metal-big in Germany!]
    10:50-11:30 – FOREVER DEAD-[punk & other junk]
    11:30-11:40 – PALOMA MARQUEZ & & LILY CORANGIE-TREMAYNE-[Miss Thunder Pride 2015-2016 respectively]-[premiere drag performance]
    11:40-11:55 – COSTUME CONTEST
    11:55-12:40 – BOTTOM ROCKERS -[rock]
    12:40-1:25 – ROCK TRUCK-[rock/rock/rock]
    1:25-2:15 – THE MARRIED SINGLEMEN-[rock/blues/funk/ska]

    ►OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE-*OUTSIDE BLACK PIRATES PUB/10-11PM ONLY* – THE STARLIGHTS-[fire spinning] [Martine Stella-Dee Marie-Jonsey-The Kidd] w/ THE SHALLOW VOID-New Album Release-Guerilla Style!-[nintendo DS/psychedelic electronic]

    8:45-9:50 – ROBIN RANGER & Friends-[jazz/groove/improv]
    9:50-10:35 – RUBY RED’S & THE SILVER LINING-[roots/blues]
    10:35-11:15 – COLD LAKE SUN-[indie/alternative/pop/rock]
    11:15-12:00 – LA REESE-[pop/rock/upbeat/dance]
    12:00-12:15 – COSTUME CONTEST
    12:15-12:45 – WEBBY D & GRIMMACE THE BUTLER-[hip hop w/ performance]
    12:45-1:25 – SECRET BABY-[garage rock!]
    1:25-2:00 – PHINEAS GAUGE-[railway spike-dark rock/funk]

    8:45-9:25 – ANDROID 16-[post rock]
    9:25-10:05 – THE AUDITOR GENERAL-[dream pop/indie rock/folk doom]
    10:05-10:10 – WORLD DANCE CENTRE w/Dahab-[bollywood]
    10:10-10:50 – THE GREY LIGHT-[ambient/folk/psych]
    10:50-11:30 – GREENBANK-[folk rock/americana]
    11:30-12:10 – MORNING LIGHT-[motown/funk/rock/disco…alt-8 piece]
    12:10-12:25 – COSTUME CONTEST
    12:25-1:10 – HUNT & GATHER- [indie prog]
    1:10-2:00 – THE HONEST HEART COLLECTIVE- [anthemic indie rock]
    **Also featuring: BIG D [soca/reggae/r&b/hip hop] ~ Foundry’s House DJ, spinning music to keep you dancing between sets!

    8:40-9:20 – VISIONS OF DOYLE-[forest rock]
    9:20-10:00 – JAKE VAILLANT & THE DIRTY OLD TOWN-[dirty folk rock]
    10:00-10:05 – WORLD DANCE CENTRE-PERFORMANCE w/Dahab-[flamenco]
    10:05-10:55 – THE MOONSHINERS-[folk rock-w/touch of bluegrass & punk]
    10:55-11:00DARK CIRCUS-feat Zoe Gordini-[side show skit] 
    11:00-11:50 – THE BAY STREET BASTARDS-[a canadian celtic punk-rock extravangza!]
    11:50-12:05 – COSTUME CONTEST
    12:05-12:50 – DORAN-[DJ-bass/breaks/underground sounds] w/ ILLUMINATE lighting & glow spinning by Dee Marie + The Kidd!
    12:50-1:30 – LYSIS-[DJ-drum & base] w/ ILLUMINATE lighting
    1:30-2:10 – BLVCKSHEEP-[DJ-electro/bass/house] w/ ILLUMINATE lighting & Mew Crew-[glow hooping/dancing- feat: Mew/Pheenix/Evolvd]
    **ASYLUM GO GO DANCERS-everywhere!

Thousands in Halloween costume contest prizes—all venues!