By Kyle Poluyko

Beginning November 12, Cambrian Players will proudly present a theatrical production that not only traces the path to war, but will mark the WWI Centenary and the 75th Anniversary of WWII.

Directed by Lawrence Badanai, You’ll Get Used To It: The War Show by Canadian playwright Peter Colley depicts a squad of six Canadian soldiers and the women in their lives.  From the start of their enlistment in service, the raucous comedy of their boot camp days and chasing girls while deployed to England, the horrors of D-Day to the ultimate victory of V-Day, The War Show recounts the substance of the tumultuous era through humour, songs, and drama.

“I read this script many years ago. I loved it then and when Cambrian Players was looking for a war show to commemorate the centennial of WWI and 75th of WWII… this one came to the top of the list,”  says Badanai. He desired a show that would feature the Canadian perspective of the war, yet still relate to modern audiences. “This shows does all that and more,” he says.

The soldiers are portrayed by Chris Jason, John Christopher Welyki, Don McMahon, Spencer Hari, Jim Hobson and Chisholm Pothier.  Additionally, roughly 20 more local actors to play many roles from Canadian farmers, Rosie the Riveter – representing our women who worked in the old Can Car – other military personnel, politicians, and the women in their lives of the soldiers, many women who worked, loved and lost just as much as the men in the war.

The War Show is very much relevant to current global political climate. The world wars touched almost everyone’s life in some way or another, and created a common sense of history that, decades later, still links people from many disparate nations. We are still affected by its unresolved political legacies with our troops continuing to serve overseas. Many of Badanai’s family members served the Canadian forces during both world wars and more recent conflicts, “I really relate to my brother who served in Croa­tia, and I think this is why I found the appeal of doing a war themed show.”

You’ll Get Used To It: The War Show opens at the Paramount Theatre, November 12 -15 and 19-22. Tickets are $10 for Wednesdays and Thursdays, and $20 for adults and $15 for students and seniors on Fridays and Saturdays, and are available at Calico, Steeper’s, Fireweed, and at the door.