Burnz N Hell are a Canadian hip-hop duo consisting of Jordan “Burnz” Burnell and Coleman Hell. These two boys met in high school after getting thrown out of a local bar. Apparently the legal drinking age was not 17. They stood outside in the blistering cold and started freestyling. This went on for hours but it was only the beginning. Soon they would meet every day after school and write songs. Words were like toys for Coleman and Jordan. Every conversation they had got dismantled into rhymes, similes and metaphors. Before long they had developed a solid fan base and decided to hit the stage. They picked up fulltime DJ Michah Dowbak and took every opportunity they had to perform live. Burnz N Hell rocked crowds with LMFAO, Classified, Swollen Members and many more. Finally after performing for over a year they were ready to make an album. They entered the studio with Danny Johnson in early 2009 and recorded their first CD “Picking Up Girls Is Easy.” They celebrated with all of their fans at the “Picking Up Girls Is Easy CD Release Party” accompanied by a live band (Danny Johnson, Chris Plater and Dan Zakovitch). The album has garnered much critical praise and receives airplay on CBC 1 and LU Radio. Currently Jordan is attending Recording Arts Canada in Toronto while Coleman is finishing his Honours at Lakehead University. School is important to the boys but Hip-Hop is in their souls. Expect to hear a lot more from these two rising stars.