A Casually, Classy Place for a Drink

Story by Deanne Gagnon, Photos by Nancy Shaw

(L-R) Trueman Murray, Cody Ross, Duran Gerow, Meghan Krys, and Robyn Burns

Meghan Krys and Duran Gerow, two of the original bartenders at Tomlin Restaurant, had talked about opening a place of their own one day, but that dream did come true this past month with the opening of Barkeep cocktail bar on St. Paul Street.

“Duran and I started at Tomlin together,” says Krys. “We bartended there and fell in love with the craft and got pretty good at it. We decided that we would eventually want to open our own spot and then Steve and Nancy of Tomlin approached us with the opportunity of a lifetime to partner with them and open this place.” The cocktail bar is part of the same restaurant group that includes Tomlin and Tomlin Catering, which operates out of The Chanterelle.

With a classy and sophisticated atmosphere lush with rich dark wood finishes, elegant design, and a big beautiful bar as the focal point, there is no question that Barkeep cocktail bar has arrived in style. Its warm lighting and intimate setting creates the perfect ambiance for a date or an after-work beverage, or just to catch up with a friend or two. “It’s just a nice place to have a drink where it’s a little bit more adult. It’s not a place that is overly fancy but just the right amount of class,” says Krys.

The menu features 10 of their own original cocktails as well as a few classics. A variety of both European and local craft beer are also available, along with a small but interesting wine list and a few non-alcoholic cocktails. “On the food side of things, we are doing charcuterie that Tomlin will be making for us; there will be a French focus on the charcuterie,” says Gerow. “There is a selection of cheeses as well. We’ve partnered with Matt [Wilkins] from Cheese Encounter.”

If you’re looking for a relaxing place to have a drink or two in a prime location, Barkeep has got you covered.  

Located at 15C St. Paul Street. Follow Barkeep on Instagram @barkeep_cocktails or check out their website at barkeepcocktails.com for more information.