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Cosmic Granola

Cosmic Granola was a concept started in 2001 in a college laundry room. Over the years as many as 7 musicians comprised CG but in today three remain as The Cosmic Granola Elite. With great diversity in musical backgrounds,...

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Jim Hamilton

Jim Hamilton is a heartfelt musician who touches audiences of all generations with his intimate style and soul-touching music. Throughout his latest release I’ll Go Walking, Jim speaks to the human condition. He “…has the...

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Ian Tamblyn

Ian Tamblyn began writing songs, short stories and plays at the age of seventeen. Since that time he has recorded twenty- nine albums, cassettes, and CDs and written over 1500 songs. Many of these songs have been recorded by...

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Jean-Paul De Roover

With an innovative approach to music, Jean-Paul De Roover is much more than a solo artist. Accompanied by live looping, guitars and a voice used as an instrument, this ‘sonic architect’ builds his songs from foundation to...

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Flamenco Caravan

Flamenco Caravan, while being true to flamenco forms, also blends the band members’ favourite musical influences of Latin, jazz, rock, sacred and blues, capturing the imagination of the soul through guitar, rhythm and song....

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The Friends of Grain Elevators are keeping the legacy of grain elevators alive. Their award-winning Voices of the Grain Trade project collected the stories and recollections of over 200 people who worked in the grain handling and shipping industry at the Lakehead.

More in the story by Matt Prokopchuk, link in bio.

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